5 Eco-Friendly Products that Help Your Daily Activities

Currently, public awareness to protect the environment is getting higher. Well, to start it, you can do with small things first. Separating waste by type, using plastic wisely and donating beauty product waste can be the solution! Moreover, unconsciously we still often use plastic for daily activities. It can be from drinking straws or shopping bags that are less environmentally friendly. Let’s slowly change our habits by using more eco-friendly products! You can replace the use of plastic with the following products.

Reusable Bag
By using reusable bags or tote bags, we can help reduce plastic waste! Well, if you are bored with the same tote bags and even tend to be plain, look for the colored or patterned reusable bags. Currently, many entrepreneurs in Indonesia offer variety of reusable bag in unique motives. You can repack it like a pouch so it’s easy to carry anywhere. The material used is also waterproof and can be washed by hand or machine.

Drinking Water Bottles
Minimalist lovers will definitely like the beautiful and unique design of the drinking bottle. You can fill it with cold or hot water for a long time. In fact, there are now many bottles that can keep drinks cold for 24 hours and 12 hours for hot drinks. Through drinking bottle entrepreneurs, Indonesia has also issued many beautiful and modern drinking bottle designs for active young people.

Coffee Cup
This one is perfect for coffee or tea connoisseurs with more environmentally friendly packaging. Currently, there are many coffee and tea cups that have several sizes according to your needs and also equipped with straws in them. The material used is silicone and is free from glue or other hazardous materials. Because of this silicone material, the cup will be more durable and easy to clean. You can also fold it into smaller size as the size of a cup lid, making it easier to carry anywhere.

Food Packaging
For those who like take-away food or confused about how to wrap food that still a lot left, you can use food packaging that currently in vogue. One of Indonesia’s products has presented, food packaging that recycles organic waste from areca nut fronds. There are actually two products that you can try, either recycled plates or food packaging. The innovations carried out by Indonesian entrepreneurs have helped the community’s economy by combining the technology and resources used.

Cutlery Set
To reduce the use of plastic and stay hygienic, you can try switching to food utensils. Currently there are cutlery sets made from wheat fiber that can be recycled. The colors used are also unique with the dominance of pastels plus the product can also be folded so that it is more practical. Although it is light, this cutlery is heat resistant, can used in the microwave or stored in the freezer. In one set, you will get 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 pair of chopsticks and a storage box.


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