Jepara Crafters Furniture, Jepara

Jepara Crafter Furniture as one of that luxurious furniture manufacture and exporter is proudly committed to supply the exclusive taste of wooden furniture in various style of teak indoor furniture, teak garden and patio outdoor furniture, mahogany classic empire style antique reproduction furniture, mahogany French style and Indonesian teak furniture Through an original style and unique carving that reveals the classic beauty and its luxuries models, details, […]

this is the manufacturer from Jepara

Kusuma Furniture Manufacturer From Jepara – Central Java

Regarding timber regulation, Kusuma Furniture confirm, that they have ready SVLK certificate which comply with EUTR and LaceyAct. This is one of trusted Indonesian teak furniture company. Superior craftsmanship with machine-made mortise and tenon joints that provides maximum dependability using high quality brass  hardware. Finally, the teak main material has Kiln-Dried before construction to an […]

this shop offers you cheap handmade jewelry which made from beads

Kowmukas Innovation: The Jewelry Shop In Surabaya

Kowmukas Innovation sells variety of accessories which combined with various beads. The products include of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, ornamental pins, headband, and many more. The flagship of the product is various types of beads brooch. This is retail and wholesale shop which also supplies the accessories materials.     Visit the shop at:   […]

weaving workshop in Kediri

Bandar Tie Woven From Kediri – East Java

Woven fabrics is one of special fabrics from Indonesia which famous to worldwide. Woven fabrics has its own uniqueness that is the motifs. Woven fabrics has various motifs, such as; rose motif, orchid motif, parang motif and many more. One of famous area in producing woven fabrics is Bandar district in Kediri regency, East Java. […]

you can get various household equipments here

Homemade Products Of Household Equipments

This is the workshop of household equipment in Magelang – East Java. The products are handmade broom, spatula, pans, kettles, copper boiler, copper and brass engraving. All products made by skilled craftsman. You can also buy it direct in the workshop, or order it first based on your need. This workshop center has managed by […]

Cotton Silk Of Weaving Fabrics From Troso, Jepara – Central Java

Weaving is one of cultural art of Indonesia garment which produced in various regions across the archipelago (Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi, Lombok, Sumbawa and many more). Weavings has a meaning, historical value, and high techniques of its colors, patterns, and type of material. Also the thread used. Each region has distinctive features of weaving fabrics. […]

art shop of calligraphy painting

Calligraphy Painting Made From Resin Materials

  This is one of handmade products from Demak regency, Central Java. As wall decoration, the Calligraphy painting was create in a such way so it looks beautiful to hang on your wall. Tani Dixxas is a store that sells variety of Calligraphy paintings and relief with various types of frames, such as; carving frames, […]

this shop suppplies various models of marble craft and furniture

Onyx Products From Tulungagung – East Java

Those beautiful and durable stone craft products is commonly referred to as onyx or marble products. This kind of stone usually used for craft, furniture and interior need. There are many natural stone collector like to have those stone products for their home.   One of regency that known as marble producer is Tulungagung, precisely […]

when visit Surabaya and need to buy snacks, you can come to this shop

Snack, Cookies And Chips Shop In Surabaya – East Java

  Welcome to the snacks shop in Surabaya. You’ve come to the right place for delicious and nutritious chips. This shop supplies various kind of homemade chips with selected main food material, such as; cassava, bananas, apple, potatoes, corns, and some vegetables to proceed into chips and crackers.     For more products, please visit: […]

you can buy various souvenirs from Madura in this shop

Madura Products: Batik Madura – Snacks From Madura

The shop is the center of Madura products, especially from Sumenep. There are handmade Batik Madura products and local souvenirs here. You do not need go around to buy some Sumenep products. This shop offers complete souvenirs belong to Sumenep. It provides handmade batik from Sumenep with good quality but at affordable price. Beside Madura […]