Batik Mago – The Beautiful of Batik Handicraft on Fabric and Glass Product, from Bogor, West Java

Batik Mago is a manufacturer of various batik handicrafts based fabric with natural dyes. Batik Mago is the work of Suryawati Liman Halim who has a showroom in Branangsiang Indah. Unlike the other Bogor Batik, Batik Mago does not only use the motif of Bogor, but also mix and match with other motifs. In addition to the original motif Bogor, Batik Mago also combines with other images or themes. Batik Mago presents some batik fabrics with different types of manufacture, namely handwriting batik, stamp lawasan, and painting batik. As for marketing, in addition to sell fabric in meter or sheet material, Batik Mago also serves in the form of clothing. There are two options of materials for Batik Mago, cotton and paris. Batik Mago provides batik clothes for adult both female or male. Batik Mago not only sell out of stock items, but also accept orders uniform, either for a uniform family, party, school uniforms and office uniform.

Designs and motifs of Batik Mago is raised from the culture and life in Bogor  both natural and life in Bogor and its communities. In addition to batik stamp and painting as well as batik couple, Batik Mago also pours batik motif on glass with glass coloring.  Batik Mago exhibits various products of batik crafts. Batik Mago gives the impression of ethnic products through paintings that are applied to the surface of functional glass containers, such as jars, bottles and so on. Motifs of Batik painting glass that made Batik Mago are ranging from: butterfly, machetes, mega mendung, etc. To do the painting, Batik Mago uses a special paint which is coated with the durable and secure coating. The choice of colors and motif are very much. Buyers who order in large quantities can be ordered according to taste. Standing for 2 years , Batik Mago who had a workshop in Bogor employs nine employees.

Let’s collect the beautiful batik fabric and glass painting craft from Batik Mago

Baranangsiang Indah Complex
Jl Wijaya Kusuma III Blok S I/5, Bogor – West Java
Phone: +62 251 8344 523


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