Definition of Export

By definition and function, export is a form of international trade. Exports occur when goods produced in one country are shipped to another country for sale or trade. Exports are important for the country’s economy. Because commodity sales increase the country’s gross income. Export is the delivery of merchandise abroad. Exporting is sending merchandise abroad. Exporters are wholesalers who ship goods abroad. Exporting is the process, method, act of sending merchandise abroad.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, export (verb) is the activity of sending goods or services to other countries for sale. An export (noun) is a commodity, article or service that sold abroad. The opposite of exports, named imports, is the entry of goods and so on from abroad.

The term export-import is an international trade or international business. International trade is trade that involves the parties of more than one country. International trade is mainly carried out through sale and purchase agreements. An international sale and purchase agreement is known as an import-export agreement.

In the development of international trade, the method of payment by cash is considered less secure. As a substitute for cash, a payment system using securities is used. The use of securities aims to save time and costs for entrepreneurs who are domiciled elsewhere. In addition, the use of cash is prone to disturbances such as loss or robbery. The implementation of the import-export agreement must fulfill two elements. The two elements are the act of delivery by the seller to the buyer and payment. Generally, payments for exports and imports are made using foreign exchange, namely foreign payment instruments.

In conclusion, export and import transactions are essentially simple transactions. It is the same as buying and selling goods or services between entrepreneurs in different countries. Even so, the exchange of goods and services through sea and land often creates complex problems. The problem is that these entrepreneurs have different languages, cultures, customs and different ways.


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