DusDukDuk – Unique and Innovation Cardboard Craft, Original from Surabaya, Indonesia

For most people, the cardboard may be only useless things that must be removed. But in the hands of four college students of Industrial Design Program (DesPro) Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, a cardboard can be transformed into a chair. Cartons or cardboards are usually just used box of electronic or packaging food, and just end up as a box to pack the goods. But in the hands of four young creative originator of the idea that consists of Angger D Wiranata, Indra Syamsu, Muhammad Arif Susanto, and Octiana Dwi Anggara, the old cardboard can also be objects that have high sales value. With using DusDukDuk as a brand name of their creative handicraft, the cartoon that usually ends up in the warehouse that made to pack items, then it can now be transformed into a wide variety of unique furniture.

Carboard handicraft is inspired through the Basic Design course that is taken by them in college. When the collected works are on display, there are many people who love and be interested in cardboard craft. At that time, formed into a cardboard chairs should be occupied and climbed in with both feet. After the exhibition, they continue to develop the task becomes a new business that the results were quite satisfactory. Cardboard craft is not only visually satisfying, but also powerful and functional. In addition there are special techniques in the making process, DusDukDuk already has a special layer that can protect the cardboard furniture for this. So, if the product is exposed to water splashes, then cardboard furniture is still strong. This layer is useful to minimize water that penetrating into the box. With a special liquid that keeps layers of cardboard so stiff and water resistant, artificial seats of Dus Duk Duk could even occupied two people and is stepped with two legs.

The product of DusDukDuk is not only furniture product in the form of desk chair, this gallery also make for decorating, interior elements, wall clocks, frames, until the silhouette of the face. Duk Duk Dus products can be last up to 2 years if the product are used appropriately. In DusDukDuk, the customers can also request custom made what they want the shape of cardboard furniture. So, every design of product is different for each buyer and buyers can feel “limited” for furniture which they buy. All products in DusDukDuk are made manually and handmade. Besides on that, the uniqueness of product is also environmentally friendly, because it is made of cardboard. Until now, DusDukDuk has been received orders up to 2000 units of packaging in the form of shelves, desks, and even furniture to decor boutiques and hotels. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s create unique cardboard furniture for your home and order your own design furniture in DusDukDuk.

Mr. Angger D. Wiranata
Jl. Semolowaru Indah II S-14
Surabaya 60119, East Java
Mobile: +62 856 883 5357
Facebook: dus duk duk
Twitter: @dusdukduk
Instagram: @dusdukduk
Email: dusdukduk.cardboard@gmail.com
Website: www.dusdukduk.com


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