Elegant Batik – Handwriting Batik From Surabaya, East Java

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This is the house of Elegant Batik which has many kind of Batik motives and designs from Indonesia particular area. Elegant Batik shop has exported its products through many countries in the world. This shop has maintain its products quality so that the shop has trusted by many importers.

Elegant Batik offers the handmade Batik products, including: Batik Madura / Madurese Batik, Batik Sutra, Batik Solo, Batik Gentongan, Batik Combination, Batik Yogyakarta, Batik Pekalongan, Batik Tulis, and many more. All products are made by skilled Batik artists from several Batik area. Beside, this shop also presents Batik clothes, Batik sandals, Batik accessories, Batik bed set, Batik curtains, Batik interiors and many more.

For you whom Batik lovers, come and choose your favorite one. You will looks different with your Batik outfits made by experience Batik artists.


Elegant Batik
Address: City of Tomorrow Mall
GS 39/ 1-2,  Ground Floor
Surabaya, East Java
Web: www.elegantbatik.com


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