Indonesia Exports Coconut Sugar to Spain

The Ministry of Trade released the export of coconut sugar from Banyumas worth one million Euros or Rp. 16 billion to Spain. The export of coconut sugar from Banyumas to Spain will continue to be sustainable with a total of 24 containers of orders per year. This coconut sugar product will later be marketed by one of the largest retail companies which has more than six thousand branches throughout Spain. Indonesia hopes that the value and number of orders will continue to increase in line with the higher consumer demand in Spain later.

This export release activity paved the way for penetrating markets outside of Spain. Indonesian products that have successfully entered the Spanish market have met the very strict requirements and criteria of Spanish buyers and consumers, because these coconut sugar products will be sale in Spain’s largest retailer. Meanwhile, the selection process for purchasing coconut sugar to Spain is quite long. Coconut sugar buyers from Spain have been in contact with Indonesian companies since the implementation of the 2020 Trade Expo Indonesia Virtual Expo (TEI-VE).

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s non-oil and gas exports to Spain in the January-October 2021 period were recorded at US$1.93 billion (IDR 27 trillion). Indonesia’s non-oil and gas imports from Spain in the same period were recorded at US$ 428.15 million (IDR6.1 trillion). Thus, the Indonesia-Spain non-oil and gas trade balance in that period was a surplus of US$1.50 billion (IDR21 trillion), up 63.3% compared to the same period in 2020.


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