“Ojo Dumeh” – Handicraft Center of Leather Jacket and Cloth from Sidoarjo, East Java

Leather craft center in East Java is located in Tanggulangin District, precisely on road of Raya Kludan. There are many industries of leather products, ranging from sandals, shoes, handbags, wallets, suitcases, jackets and other items. Leather craft has actually been established since 1939, when it was a few craftsmen in Tanggulangin started with the manufacture of bags and suitcases. Leather jacket crafts own Tanggulangin began to appear rapidly and it has made since the early 2000s. These industries in Tanggulangin have very much experience in the manufacture of leather jackets in wholesale order from agency or company in size and different models that are always up to date.

There is one of leather industries in Tanggulangin that named “Ojo Dumeh”. “Ojo Dumeh” is taken from Javanese that in English wordplay is don’t be proud. It is meaning that you don’t be proud if you don’t wear the leather product of this workshop “Ojo Dumeh”. This workshop provides many kind of cloth products that made from natural and original leather, ranging from jacket, vest, trouser, skirt, and other products. All leather products of “Ojo Dumeh” workshop are suitable for all people who want to look trendy and not outdated. The leather jackets and vests are in international quality, so you will satisfied with the products. Besides on that, “Ojo Dumeh” also provides other leather products like bag, mini suitcase, shoes, sandals, hat, cap, and belt both for men and women.  All products are made from selected and original leather by skilled craftsmen. In “Ojo Dumeh” workshop, you can collect fashionable jacket products with best quality leather and affordable price.

Come to Sidoarjo and visit this workshop. Or you can contact “Ojo Dumeh” for ordering leather products in wholesale.

Mr. Ali (+62 819 1620 5527)
Jl. Raya Kludan No.14, Tanggulangin District
Sidoarjo – East Java
Mobile: +62 812 3374 1200


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