Beautiful and Unique of Traditional Indonesia Furniture

This gallery can help you to find what you are looking for. Using natural and recycle materials wherever possible with the environmental in mind, this gallery produces world-class quality wooden furniture products that focusing on solid teak indoor furniture and its decoration. The products are simply divided into five categories, beds, tables, buffets, cabinets and […]

Java Handicraft – Various Handicraft Collection From Yogyakarta

Java Handicraft has nice various handicraft from Indonesia and high quality that their collections will be delivered punctually. Reliability and Trustworthy are the keys of Java Handicraft products that Every effort is focused to achieve the two ideals. All handmade products here are made with love and combined with unique and ethnic value. Java Handicraft supplies the beautiful and unique […]

Antique and Unique Products of Amalia JavaCraft

Amalia JavaCraft & Antiques – Ancient Craft Products at Triwindu Market

Amalia JavaCraft & Antiques is one of merchants in Triwindu Market that is located at Pangeran Diponegoro in the front of Mangkunegaran Palace. Amalia JavaCraft & Antiques Shop was started selling unique and old handicraft at Triwindu Market since 1975. This shop sells all kinds of antique Javanese beads and accessories, such as keris (Javanese […]