Going Global with Folding Houses and Products from Bamboo

The bamboo house is one of the Indonesian products that very popular and sought after by buyers from various countries. One of the companies in Indonesia that produces bamboo furniture and housing needs is Dekor Asia. Not only folding bamboo houses, Dekor Asia has produced hundreds of product designs made of bamboo and wood. These […]

This gallery produces various kinds of household appliances and interior made from bamboo

Indonesia Bamboo Furniture Original from Lamongan Bamboo Craft Gallery, East Java

Now on, there are many furniture stores from Indonesia because Indonesia itself has high quality of bamboo material. By working directly with furniture craftsmen, many manufacturer here that offer various kind of bamboo furniture products. One of those bamboo furniture industry in Indonesia, especially in East Java is located in Jl. Sunan Drajat 146, Lamongan, […]

Bamboo Furniture Exporter

Bamboo furniture is a company manufacture based in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The products are about indoor furniture and the accessories related. The products are made by skilled and professional craftsman. Moreover, all products in this furniture exporter are taken from high quality raw material of bamboo and finished in beautiful furniture for your house, […]

Indonesia Bamboo Furniture

They are a medium size workshop of quality furniture and interior products in bamboo from Jakarta, Indonesia. They use bamboo from 2-3 cm to 12-13 cm diameter. Their products are guaranteed without any insect or parasite. All furniture edges are carefully made with bamboo bands and high quality twined cane They produce a large range […]

Indonesia Bamboo Furniture With Creative Design

Find the famous bamboo furniture manufacturer with high quality material in Indonesia. At Indonesia furniture center industry, you can count your business only on quality that the craftsman make since the 1st year they establish. There are many people like to collect bamboo furniture and demand it for their home furniture. The products are bamboo […]

Selected Bamboo Material For Your Furniture

Bamboo Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia producing high quality furniture products specialist for bamboo furniture. They are currently looking for long term partners to market the goods. Specializing in bamboo material furniture, they are committed to the market alliances all over the world a guaranteed quality excellent services and a very competitive price solution. The companies […]

Bamboo Creation From Bali – Indonesia

Bamboo is a sustainable, and an environmentally friendly quick-growing natural resource. Bamboo Creations from Bali is an international joint venture between a Balinese and western family. The Balinese family has been involved in the bamboo furniture business their whole lives, learning the craft from their father and grandfather. All bamboo furniture is custom-made to order, […]

Bamboo Furniture Store Indonesia

Now on, there are many furniture online store from Indonesia, by working directly with furniture craftsmen. But we want to discuss about bamboo furniture here. Indonesia itself has high quality of bamboo material. So that, many manufacturer here that offer various kind of bamboo furniture products. Safe and convenient is the promise that being offered […]