Batik Gunung Kendil – Handwriting and Contemporary Lasem Batik from Rembang, Central Java

Batik Tulis (handwriting) Lasem is begin to know by many people since several fashion designer present it in some fashion exhibition. Lasem itself is a small city in Rembang, Central Java that commonly called as old city. Batik Lasem often said as the soul of the city. Batik Gunung Kendil is a batik workshop that specialize in […]

Ha-Ka Batik: Gallery Shop of Batik Sarimbit with Beautiful and Ethnic Motif from Indonesia

Batik Sarimbit is a kind of batik that sold in pairs to be used in pairs as well, usually by a husband and wife. Batik Sarimbit is also batik couples that usually have in common in terms of pattern or color. Ha-Ka Batik is a batik brand that provide variety of batik sarimbit product. All Batik Sarimbit shirt […]