Unique Liping Art “JopaJapu” From Pine Wood – Solo Handicraft

“JopaJapu” is liping art of the craftsmen of origin Solo namely Bejo Wage Suu. The word “Liping” is wordplay from English “living” which means the art is displayed the live story of Javanese local village into a small diorama. Liping art is a Solo handicraft product made from pine woods or the mix of stones, […]

Ride One Gallery – Indonesian Glass Craft Factory

Ride One Gallery is a glass craft factory in Indonesia which has hundreds designs such as mirrors, lamps cap, batik glass, glass accessories and others crafts that made from glass. The products selling could be in retail and wholesale, national or export. Design your own custom made and contact us; Mr Sapto +6285293333003 Warehouse: Jl […]

Banana Wicker Handicraft Products

Banana Wicker Handicraft – Gresik East Java

Gedebok Art gallery is banana wicker handicraft store, located in Gresik regency, East Java. This store sells many kind handicraft products made from banana wicker material, such as; glass tray, paper towel, caps, trays, wall hangings and much more. All products are handmade, created by talented  and trained craftsmen so that all products are very […]