Collections of Ikat Weaving Fabrics and Its Craft from Women Association and Union in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)

“Sonbilo” Koprinka Wanita is a social enterprise and women association and union that build an enterprise and bring some social impact to society, focus on financial, environment and social problem. “Sonbilo” Koprinka Wanita can increase society income and make society respect environment. This women association and union is not only selling recycle product, but also bringing hope to society. By “Sonbilo” Koprinka Wanita, the women […]

Lepo Lorun – Handwoven Ikat Fabric Craft of Women’s Weaver Cooperative from Flores, NTT

Lepo Lorun is craft center of ikat woven fabric that originated from Flores, NTT. Lepo Lorun is supported by local government to establish and expand women small and micro enterprises in business development of garment product, especially for natural tie dye, workshop ikat weaving, and textile tour. Group of women empowerment in Lepo Lorun is able to manufacture variety of […]

Lumigar Interior Accessories – Gallery of Ikat Woven Fabric Craft for Ethnic Home Interior Products

Lumigar Interior Accessories is an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) from the island of Java, which is engaged in the craft. Products of Lumigar Interior Accessories are using weaving fabric as base material for the craft and creation. All products of this gallery use the material fabric (woven) and coated denim fabric patchwork with batik […]

Polatique Tenun – Gallery of Handmade Weaving Fabric Craft with Heritage Value from Depok, West Java

Indonesia has large number of cultural heritage. One of them is the traditional handicraft that produced with modern and contemporary touch to catch market. Weaving is one of cultural art of Indonesia garment which produced in various regions across the archipelago (Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi, Lombok, Sumbawa and many more). Weaving has a meaning, historical […]

Dinda Art – Souvenir and Wood Carving Handicraft with Best Quality Original from Lombok, NTB

Dinda Art is one of handicraft and souvenir centers in Lombok Island that has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one. Collections of Dinda Art are vary, starting from keris (Javanese traditional dagger), meuble, decorative furniture, wood carving, mask, basket, ikat fabric, woven bag, etc. Dinda Art […]

Loekeli Tenun Ikat – Creation of Handwoven Ikat Fabric of Rote, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)

Loekeli Tenun Ikat is craft center of ikat woven fabric that originated from Rote, NTT. Rote is an island in NTT that located at the southern of the Indonesia country and as one of well-known traditional ikat fabrics in Indonesia, handwoven ikat fabric from Rote has its special ethnic motif and color. It is fully handwoven and taking several […]

Juba Hula sells not only clothes for women, but also other products such as jacket, skirt and long-sleeved shirts for men that are made from ikat weaving fabrics to suit the demands of ikat fabric

Jula Huba Ethnic NTT – Collections of Ikat Weaving Fabrics from East Nusa Tenggara

Jula Huba Ethnic NTT Boutique is originated from Kupang, NTT. As one of well-known traditional ikat weaving fabrics from East Nusa Tenggara has its special ethnic motif and color. The color of the fabrics are made of natural sources such as leaves, woods and etc. Each motif has its own story and function for their […]

The Beautiful Ikat Weaving Craft from Bondowoso, East Java

Indonesia is well known for beautifully patterned Batik, Songket and Ikat fabrics. Dyes made from roots and leaves, color cotton and silk fibers to produce traditional fabrics for clothing. Ikat weaving or ikat fabric is woven craft from Indonesia in the form of fabric woven from strands of the weft or warp threads that are […]

choose your favorite products such as handbag, wristlet, pouch, women cloth from weaving fabric, goyor sarong, shoes and sandals with many colors and motifs in export quality

Creation of Beautiful Ikat Weaving Fabric and Cloth in Kediri – East Java

There are many handicraft products made from ikat fabric with weaving process. You can choose your favorite products such as handbag, wristlet, pouch, women cloth, shoes and sandals with many colors and motifs in export quality. All products created by the member of business multipurpose union Bandar Kidul, Kediri City are unique, beautiful, and almost […]