Mitra Jaya Collection – Craft Center of Various Leather Products from Sidoarjo, East Java

Tanggulangin is one of the biggest leather craft manufacturers in Indonesia. Already for hundreds years, this handmade bags and other leather products center has growing rapidly there. Almost across highway of Kludan filled with leather craft shops and vendors bag. The quality of leather craft products in Tanggulangin are very good. It because the craftsmen are […]

Global Leather – Center of Leather Craft and Handmade Product from Garut, West Java

Global Leather designs and manufactures leather accessories and products to fit your every need. There are many handicraft of leather products here, ranging from jackets, shoes, accessories, handbags, ladies wallets, badge wallets, smaller hip bag, and other items. With Global Leather products, craftsmen here want consumer to experience ease of wear, absolute comfort and support where it’s needed. From […]

John Anglo – Leather Craft Product with Trendy Model and Design from Surabaya, East Java

Handicraft products that made of leather are now increasingly popular start bags, shoes , purses and jackets. Interest in mass products as the main reason remains consistent on the variant boots. John Anglo is one of leather handicraft shop in Surabaya, East Java that provide many leather handbags for women and men with several models of bag, from large […]

“Samurai” – Workshop and Manufacturer of Trendy Leather Jacket from Sidoarjo, East Java

This is one of many workshops and manufacturers in Tanggulangin that producing trendy leather jacket and other leather products. Samurai workshop provides wide variety of leather products, ranging from jackets, bags, and belts for men that are made from original skin. Craftsmen of this workshop always produce leather jackets in various size and different models […]

Trendy Leather Jacket Craft from Tanggulangin Industries in Sidoarjo, East Java

Tanggulangin is one of the districts in Sidoarjo which most of the population is small leather industry. Leather craft centers in Tanggulangin is located on Jl. Kludan Raya Tanggulangin. A wide variety of needs in the production of leather products, ranging from sandals, shoes, handbags, wallets, suitcases, jackets and other items that made from original […]