Kirei Na – Creative Enterprise of Knitting and Crochet Craft Original from Depok, West Java

Kirei Na is a creative enterprise of knitting handmade crafts and crochet specialist. Kirei Na produces various kinds of knitting products, including: knitted shoes, knitted tote bag, knitted pillow, knitted tablecloth, and other products with the design, colors, and sizes according to customer demand. Kirei Na also supplies various kind of accessories ranging from wallet, mobile phone case, hairband […]

Luchu Craft – Creativity of Unique and Cute Handmade Craft by Young People from Surabaya, East Java

One and only in Surabaya, unique handmade craft for doll, cute basket, tote bag, accessory, and souvenir in different shapes and models made ​​of knitting, sewing, and embroidery method. Luchu Craft that found by teenager college student group from Surabaya presents handmade products, including handbag, pouch, unique rattan basket combined with cute fabric decoration, dolls, […]

Purezento – Indonesia Gift Craft with Variety of Japan Characters and Icons – from Bandung, West Java

Purezento is a brand with original craft that specialized in making various crafts -style “Japan Icon and Anime Character” with many handmade products. Purezento presents variety of gift and souvenir products, including plaque, small doll, tissue boxes, pillow, bolster, clock, sticker, key chain, wall hanging decoration, note book, tote bags, pin, pencil case, and so on. Besides on that, […]

Miglia – Craft Center of Home Cushion and Fabric-Based Products from Depok, West Java

Miglia is fabric craft center with an expatriate management team that has been successfully providing various pieces of cushion and fashion tote bag with simple, clean and minimalist that look charmingly to match with the accessories crafts. The material is mostly made by fabric with art design. Located in Depok, Miglia produces various kind of accessories ranging from various kind […]

Tjhin Santy – Indonesia Handmade Bag and Accessories with Beautiful and Ethnic Design

Tjhin Santy is the brand of handmade bags that everything is made with love and combined with fashion and ethnic value. This brand supplies the beautiful and unique handmade products, including handbag, wristlets, clutch, tote bag, and pouch that made from batik and other traditional Indonesia fabric and combined with genuine leather. All bag products […]

Nina Bag & Craft – Ethnic and Natural Bag with Flower Pattern – Original Craft from Bandung, West Java

Almost all bag crafts of Nina Bag & Craft are made of natural material and burlap cloth. This workshop makes creation of burlap sack cloth into bags craft with beautiful design and flower pattern. The raw materials are included old age fibers such as flax and hemp, which produced natural bags is durable, recyclable and biodegradable.  All […]

deFairies Bag – Original Handmade Bag and Clutch Products from Indonesia

  deFairies is a collection of uniquely designed fashion bags. This awesome handmade bag shop offers several models of bag, from handbags and clutch products over to the smaller hip bag. Craftsmen of deFairies make lovely bags from fine fabrics in beautiful patterns and bold color selections. Each product of deFairies is multi-function, made with passion and love. […]

This handmade bag shop offers several models of bag, from large or folded over to the smaller hip bag

Tata Abadi Bag’s Collection – Quality Handmade Bag Wholesaler and Manufacturer from Surabaya, East Java

This is one manufacturer of bag products that located in Surabaya, East Java. This handmade bag shop offers several models of bag, from large or folded over to the smaller hip bag. There are many uniquely handmade bags here, represent modern and chic lifestyle. This bag shop also present creative bags which has favored by […]

Seruni Living – Cushion with Art

Seruni creates a range of printed home decorations, kitchen utensils and life style products. The material is mostly made by fabric and wood which are printed with art design. Besides it also contains some inspirational and funny quotes in cushion and others stuffs. You must buy these unique stuffs to beautify your home! Gallery: Plaza […]