Indonesia Souvenir Recommendations from Unique and Interesting Wood

Wooden TrayThe first choice of wooden souvenirs is a wooden tray. Having other names as pan, tray is a piece of equipment that is sure to be in every home. Some are square, round, or oval. Usually used to bring treats to guests who come to the house. This wooden tray will give a different […]

Jennarya Craft – Beautiful Recycled Craft and Unique Coco Craft from Pangandaran, West Java

Coco has long been one of the refined products plantation from Pangandaran. However, from the sweetness of processed products, also produced residual waste coconut coir production. The negative impact was much inflicted. Various waste utilization has been attempted. JENNARYA Craft sees a great potential that can be used to produce handicraft products. Through a series […]

Country Kyra – The Country Craft Studio with Variety Handmade Products from Tangerang, Banten

Country Kyra is a brand that specialized in making various crafts -style “American Country ” with many handmade products, such as dolls, wood crafts, wreath, hand painting furniture. Country Kyra presents variety of gift products and accessories, including a small doll, tissue boxes, table lamps, bags, and so on. Most of craft products here are made ​​from tin […]

Wahyu Putra Craft – Variety of Useful Wooden Handicrafts from Bantul, Yogyakarta

This gallery is center of wooden crafts in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Wahyu Putra Craft provides wide range of wooden handicraft and home accessories products that made from wood with good quality. All products are handmade using natural materials, created by talented and trained craftsmen, so that all products here are very unique, beautiful, and useful. Wahyu Putra Craft is also souvenir shop that offers you […]

All products are handmade using natural materials and wood with good quality

Credo Wood – Gallery of Ethnic Wood Craft and Art from Jepara, Central Java

Credo Wood is manufacturer of natural wood that create unique and handmade craft pieces products. Workshop of Credo Wood is located in Jepara, Central Java where the gallery is in Bekasi, West Java. This workshop and gallery of Credo Wood present various kind of special wood art & craft and petrified wood with many variation forms […]

Wooden souvenir craft industry in Bojonegoro is different from teak wood carving crafts in general

Variety of Beautiful Wooden Crafts from Bojonegoro, East Java

Bojonegoro is also known as one of teak manufacturers  in Java because Bojonegoro has large and wide teak forests. So it’s not surprising if Bojonegoro has a lot of furniture and handicraft industries that made ​​of teak wood. Bojonegoro has a variety of potential which deserves to be proud that one of them is a […]

Unique and Elegant Wooden Craft Handmade from Batokan Village, Kasiman in Bojonegoro – Handicraft Original from East Java, Indonesia

Bojonegoro that located in East Java is famous for its food and tourism. Of course in Bojonegoro there is also the furniture and handicraft products that be famous product of this area. Bojonegoro is also known as one of the producers of teak in Java because Bojonegoro has large and wide teak forests. So it’s […]

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Mentari Wooden Handicraft From Situbondo – East Java

  Mentari Handicraft is one of souvenir shop in Situbondo, East Java – Indonesia. This shop offers you vary craft products that you can used as a gift or souvenirs. All products are handmade, such as; wood bracelets, wood necklace, rings, wood flower vases, key chains, wood tray, and many more.   Visit the shop: […]

This is the workshop of recycle wood craft from Madiun - East Java

Akar Jaya Waste Wood Craft – Madiun East Java

It is the wood waste products that processed in a such way so that becomes amazing craft products. Akar Jaya is a workshop that managed the wood waste production and process it into table, living room set, chairs, shelves and variety beautiful furniture products. Perfect for a lounge area in the balcony or a lovely […]