Dharma Siadja – Exporter and Manufacturer of Ethnic Handicraft from Ubud, Bali

Bali is most famous island in Indonesia that has many unique handicrafts, which you will not find anywhere else. One handicraft center in Bali Island is Dharma Siadja that manufacturing wooden handicraft, such as wooden cat decoration, wooden money box, wooden elephant decoration, woodcraft decoration, wooden wall decoration, wall plaque decoration, hen woodcraft decoration, etc. Dharma Siadja Gallery […]

Unique and Elegant Wooden Craft Handmade from Batokan Village, Kasiman in Bojonegoro – Handicraft Original from East Java, Indonesia

Bojonegoro that located in East Java is famous for its food and tourism. Of course in Bojonegoro there is also the furniture and handicraft products that be famous product of this area. Bojonegoro is also known as one of the producers of teak in Java because Bojonegoro has large and wide teak forests. So it’s […]

All handicraft and miniature wooden craft with unique and ethnic value are very suitable for your home decoration and as souvenir or gift

Miniature Wooden Craft and Other Handicraft From Jombang, East Java

This natural wooden craft and other various handicrafts are created unique and there are many handmade craft pieces products. Department of Cooperatives, Industry, and Trade that located in Jombang, East Java, presents various kind of special miniature wooden craft created by craftsmen from Jombang with many variation forms and motifs such as animals, people, and […]

Decoration Furniture Made From Hard Wood Material

This furniture company is a manufacturer and exporter of decoration furniture and accessories furniture in Cirebon Indonesia. First founded in 2004 this company has since then been exporting rattan furniture and Wooden to countries all over the world. The product is vary from Rattan Furniture as well as basket, Dinning chair, handiraft, iron, Living room, […]