Dharma Siadja – Exporter and Manufacturer of Ethnic Handicraft from Ubud, Bali

Bali is most famous island in Indonesia that has many unique handicrafts, which you will not find anywhere else. One handicraft center in Bali Island is Dharma Siadja that manufacturing wooden handicraft, such as wooden cat decoration, wooden money box, wooden elephant decoration, woodcraft decoration, wooden wall decoration, wall plaque decoration, hen woodcraft decoration, etc. Dharma Siadja Gallery […]

Promosia – Manufacturer, Distributor, and Professional Suppliers from Surabaya, East Java

Promosia Group Company is a Professional Suppliers for several product and services. This company was established since year 2000 which are strong in manufacture of Home Decoration, Furniture, Handicraft and Interior Design. Experiences and partnership, made customer and supplier were satisfied. Promosia was doing several trade show in all around Europe, Asia, and South America since year 2002 […]