Promosia – Manufacturer, Distributor, and Professional Suppliers from Surabaya, East Java

Promosia Group Company is a Professional Suppliers for several product and services. This company was established since year 2000 which are strong in manufacture of Home Decoration, Furniture, Handicraft and Interior Design. Experiences and partnership, made customer and supplier were satisfied. Promosia was doing several trade show in all around Europe, Asia, and South America since year 2002 […]

Temple Trees – Unique Accessories, Fabric Craft, And Home Decoration Product for Asian Living, Jakarta

Temple Trees provides unique products of home decorations and home ware products. Besides on that, Temple Trees creates high quality product of furniture, fabric craft, and fashion accessories. Each item is made using locally sourced material, ensuring all have their own unique design. You will find collections of home and office decoration that will cheer up your home, […]

Seruni Living – Art and Craft as Life Style for Home Decoration

Seruni creates a range of printed home decorations, kitchen utensils and life style products. Each item is made using locally sourced material, ensuring all have their own unique design. The material is mostly made by fabric and wood which are printed with art design. Besides it also contains some inspirational and funny quotes in cushion […]

exclusive metal art, interior design, home decoration

Exclusive Design – Bali Interior Decoration

Exclusive design intends to create interior decoration especially metal art. Some of wall decorations are mostly shaped into flower, leaves, trees, or animal. It looks so chic and elegant if you put it into your room or hang it on your wall. Please visit them to see what products that will be properly set in […]