Antiques Brass Crafts from Ganesya Gallery – Original Handicarft from Jombang, East Java

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Jombang district is located in the central part of East Java Province. Jombang has a natural beauty and tourism potential. Jombang tourist area is near to the natural destination Malang and historical travel of Majapahit, Trowulan. If you will travel ther, take home souvenirs that have typical craft of Jombang. There are three forms of handicrafts typical of Jombang, one of them is brass handicraft. Entering South Sanan Village in Jombang, will we encounter a show room or art gallery displaying various kinds of brass with form of Buddha statues, eagle, horse, elephant, until the shape is more modern sort of abstract sculptures. Buddha statue is made up of various sizes as well, started from the smallest about 5 cm up to biggest with 3 meters in this size. Using waste materials inside the kind of brass, the craftsmen at the side of UD Ganesya, one of many brass craft galleries in Jombang, ready to create works of art from metal to form and pattern that resembles a work of art royal relic identical to the statue of Ganesh, Buddha statues and quite a lot of other sculptures. Mr. H. Istono, the owner of Ganesya Gallery, admitted that South Sanan Village has been specialists working on large-sized sculpture, even sometimes there are order sculpture with height of 6 meters.

Mr. H. Istono estimated brass handicrafts was existed in the Netherlands. He himself used to carry on the business of his parents, who initially only molded klenengan or sculpture in animal form like buffalo or cow and cake mold. But after the craft passed down to their children, this handicraft began to show the original image. In their hands, the brass is not only to make klenengan cow, cookie cutters, or charcoal irons. In the hands of this generation brass has changed into various shapes, from the traditional forms a kind of sculpture to the most modern sort of abstract sculptures that be favorite of foreign tourists. At first, they have to market themselves these crafts to cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Bali with only ride public transportation. Just imagine, with a condition like that of course they could not carry the craft more than ability. It took a very long time until South Sanan Village could go ahead and famous.

Now, there are orders by foreign tourists from Australia, Europe, and other countries in huge quantities. Because the results of brass handicraft are very tempting, residents who previously worked in the agricultural sector, too busy to switch professions become craftsmen of brass. Transaction them not to mention tens of thousands or millions of rupiah, but already in a matter of billions of rupiah. Once export, two to four containers can be dispatched from this village. With the assistance of 40 permanent employees, the craftsmen in recent times able to offer an average of 1500 items of brass paintings crafts of various sizes and models of every month.

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Majatrisno Village, Jl. Sanan Selatan, Mojoagung District
Jombang – East Java


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