Batik Cici – Workshop and Manufacturer of Elegance Batik Cloth and Fabric from Solo, Central Java

Batik Cici Solo is a batik manufacturer that focusing on fashion trends and providing the needs of professional classy cloth and fabric. Batik Cici Solo offers various kind of handmade Batik garment that all products are made by skilled Batik artists from several Batik area.  Unique characteristics of this brand can be seen from the originality of design, quality materials and stitching quality. Using this brand products can make you look more elegant and dignified in various events. You can choose your favorite of various batik items with many colors and motifs in export quality. The Batik fabric in the shop has made by the owner workshop, so the quality is very concerned and the quality guaranteed.

Mrs. Yusana, the owner of Batik Cici, has decided to work in the batik industry owned by her parents. She admitted that she also works like other employees that started in the morning until late afternoon. There she learned how to manage the batik business from production to marketing. Diligently, Mrs. Yusana looks at how parents are doing business in batik and absorb knowledge from there. After several months of work, she decided to go out and opened his own shop in Solo Wholesale Center. Despite not having a lot of obstacles in terms of production materials and capital, as a young entrepreneur just starting a business, Mrs. Yusana got the challenge of how she had to introduce their products to the buyers. Opening a batik shop in Solo Wholesale Center means competing with hundreds of stores batik had first stood up. But, she had to struggle to introduce batik from her shop to all buyers. She worked diligently and consistent while on the road, she suffered a loss.

Batik market that is now increasingly overrun with batik printing products cheaper became one of the reasons why Mrs. Yusana choose batik business. Its mission, she wants to participate in the preservation of traditional batik. She believes the quality of batik that does not fade and tangle makes hers able to compete with other traders in this business. Proven with returning customers looking for quality batik which has become one of the marketability of their products. In addition to a good quality batik, Mrs. Yusana always innovates batik products with natural and light color in variety cloth forms like bolero, shirt, skirt, dress, etc, for adults and children. She used the opportunity for walking to shopping centers to see the latest trends, so batik products in Batik Cici are always updated with the market trends.

Let’s visit showroom of Batik Cici in Solo to see many Batik collections. You can contact this workshop to order batik product in wholesale.

Mrs. Yusana Windi Mulyono
Laban Kulon, RT.01/RW.02, Laban – Mojolaban SKH,
Solo – Central Java
Ruko Safira Regency, Jln. Raya Solo – Bekonang
KM 03, No.5, Mojolaban SKH,
Solo – Central Java
Mobile: +62-85725327778
WhatsApp: +62-85728929991
Instagram: batikcici_yusa


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