Types and Characteristics of Fiber Materials for Handicraft Products

Natural fiber craft materials come from nature. The natural fiber material referred to is organic material that is not reprocessed through the process and the addition of chemicals that keep its authenticity maintained and prioritized. In general, fiber is used as a raw material for making yarn or fabric which then becomes clothes or crafts. […]

Production Process of Fiber Crafts

The results of handicrafts production made from fiber can be in various forms. Therefore, according to their needs, making handicrafts made from fiber requires basic techniques. The basic techniques of textile crafts are all the methods used to formed or processed the textile materials. There are some techniques can applied. The use of basic techniques […]

Ceramic Making Techniques in Indonesia

According to Bambang Gatot Soebroto in a journal entitled Four Basic Techniques for Making Manual Ceramics (Without Rotary Tools) (2019), there are four basic techniques that often used in making ceramics: Twisted techniqueThis technique is also often referred to as a coil. Usually applied on a rotary table, because the craftsman will add the twist […]

The Definition of Ceramic Crafts

Ceramic crafts have been known since the Neolithic era. This statement proved by the discovery of various small pieces of pottery on the hills of Sumatran clam shells (in Indonesia). Ceramic craft is a type of craft made from forming and burning clay so that it changes its nature. In this case, the change referred […]

Hoop Bracelet, Typical Crafts of Dayak Meratus Tribe

The typical Simpai bracelet of the Dayak Meratus tribe can be used as a souvenir when visiting Loksado District, Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, South Kalimantan. This hoop bracelet is made from fern fibers or commonly called alang am, whose raw material can only be found on the slopes of the mountains facing the sun. If […]

Bone Carvers in Cileunyi, Turns Beef Bones into Crafts

Bandung city is full of uniqueness. Various kinds of crafts are here. Starting from decoration, to clothes. That is why people call it as Paris van Java. Apart from being a fashion city, various handicrafts are often found in Bandung. One of them is the art center for carving cow bones in Kampung Pasir Tukul, […]

SME’s in Jambi City Presents Various Handicrafts from Beads

Various handicrafts from beads are still very popular in the market. This homemade product seems timeless. The SME’s has produced various types of beads. There are more than 10 types of handicrafts from beads include bags, tissue boxes, candy holders, tenong, egg holders and many more. There are still many buyers for this bead craft, […]

Hunting for handicrafts in Yogyakarta? This is the place!

The Special Region of Yogyakarta or which is familiarly called Jogja also has a lot of potential for handicrafts or crafts products. Craft centers in Yogyakarta are scattered in several areas, including ceramics in Kasongan, silver in Kotagede, batik in Ngasem, leather in Manding, and many more. If you are planning to stop in Yogyakarta, […]