Yan Khurin Collection – Center of Variety Painting Fabric Crafts and Painting Shoes Products from Sidoarjo, East Java

Yan Khurin Collection is a craft business engaged in the field of fashion shoes and accessories, This workshop focuses on garment collection with distinctive product is the fabric paint on a shoes, purse, bag, cloth, etc. The specification of handicraft in Yan Khurin Collection is painting and embroidery. This workshop has a lot of unique and […]

Beautiful and Unique Products from the Center of Handicraft Manufactures in Malang, East Java

Reviewing a wide range of potential areas in Indonesia indeed seemed never ending. One could even say the whole area over this country, from Sabang to Merauke, have excellent potential each of which can support the growth of local economies. One of these areas in Indonesia is ​​Malang which has excellent potential handicraft manufacture market […]

Hessqiva Glass Decorative sells products made one by one in handmade using glass material

Hessqiva Glass Decorative – Glass Craft Original From Bandung, Indonesia

Hessqiva Glass Decorative is one of many glass craft factories in Indonesia which sells various craft products use glass material and it has hundreds designs for lamps cap, batik glass, glass accessories, bottle, ashtray, vases and others crafts that made from glass. This workshop that placed in Bandung has products made one by one in […]

FATCHCRAFT – Innovation Handicraft Made in Bandung, West Java

An awesome piece of art from Bandung is made of vintage patch clothes called “Jemuran” or laundry. This craft that can be called woven picture frame and wall hangings is craft and art products original from Indonesia with based tradition. Fatchurohman who is a practitioner of the art and design of Bandung establish a company […]

art shop of calligraphy painting

Calligraphy Painting Made From Resin Materials

  This is one of handmade products from Demak regency, Central Java. As wall decoration, the Calligraphy painting was create in a such way so it looks beautiful to hang on your wall. Tani Dixxas is a store that sells variety of Calligraphy paintings and relief with various types of frames, such as; carving frames, […]

Wastraloka ‘Yogyakarta’ – Traditional Ethnic Stuffs

Wastraloka was established in Yogyakarta since 1974. They keep doing innovation to create handicrafts in wood and can material. Some of their well-made stuffs is like traditional kitchen utensils and tea set within batik motive on the surfaces. If you’re interested in ethnic traditional stuffs, you can visit; Gallery : Puji Batik Jl Prawirotaman No […]