Collections of Ikat Weaving Fabrics and Its Craft from Women Association and Union in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)

Sonbilo” Koprinka Wanita is a social enterprise and women association and union that build an enterprise and bring some social impact to society, focus on financial, environment and social problem. “Sonbilo” Koprinka Wanita can increase society income and make society respect environment. This women association and union is not only selling recycle product, but also bringing hope to society. By “Sonbilo” Koprinka Wanita, the women in East Nusa Tenggara area can explore their talent and develop their ability to expand better life, not only for their selves and families, but also for improvement of state enterprises.

Sonbilo” Koprinka Wanita is able to serve various kind of crafts that made of sewing and weaving process such as handbags, shirts, wallets, pouch, woven fabric, and many products with creation of ikat fabric that typically of East Nusa Tenggara area.  As one of well-known traditional fabrics in Indonesia, ikat fabric of East Nusa Tenggara area has its special ethnic motif and color. It is fully handwoven and taking several months to make each ikat fabric. The color of the fabric are made of natural sources such as leaves, woods and etc. Each motif has it’s own story and function for their tradition event in East Nusa Tenggara area. Variety of crafts made from ikat fabric is very suitable for complement the beauty or household supplies and certain places of yours. You also can orders your own size and designs.

Visit the workshop and office at:

“SONBILO” KOPRINKA WANITA (Women Association and Union)
Mrs. Rosly P. Tahun
Oinlasi Village – Amanatun Selatan District
Jl. L. L. D. L. Banunaek RT.07 / RW.03 TTS – East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)
Mobile: +62-81339137731


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