Eling Galeri Hand Painting – Boutique of Moslem Fashion with Hand Painting Garment Product from Sidoarjo, East Java

Located at Delta Sari Indah Regency, Sidoarjo, Eling Galeri is one of boutiques that selling wide variety of purposes Moslem clothing. The specification of garment fashion in Eling Galeri is painting cloth. This workshop has a lot of unique and beautiful products because all Moslem cloth products are handmade painting. Eling Galeri has specialitation that put arts in any fabric materials with painting. All cloth products of Eling Galeri are always limited because there are handmade painting (not printed). Eling Galeri always provides adorable clothes with affordable price. All Moslem cloth products in Eling Gallery are made using good quality paint so that they are washable and not easily fade.

Eling Galeri offers several kinds of painting garment, such as painting maxi dress, painting maroco cloth, painting veil, painting hijab, painting cloth, painting blouse, painting jumpsuit, etc. Besides on that, Eling Galeri also provides various kind of painting fabrics, painting batik clothes, and other accessory products that are made from painting process with various motifs and colors. The paint that used for cloth product is a special kind of paint that is environmentally friendly and export quality. You could also make your own order of custom design, custom painting, custom fabric material, and Eling Galeri will do all orders with best skill.  So, let’s contact this gallery to know more and order handmade painting Moslem cloth.

Hand Painting Craft
Delta Sari Indah Complex Block BO No.17, Waru
Sidoarjo 61256 – East Java
Phone: (+62) 31-8535281 / (+62) 31-8531314
Mobile: (+62) 818313339
Email: murniherman@yahoo.com
Website: http://elinggaleri.com/


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