Gallery Asppuk – Crafts from Small Business of Women Association in Indonesia

By this association and gallery, the Indonesia women can explore their talent

Asosiasi Pendamping Perempuan Usaha Kecil (ASPPUK) is a network of women association that comprising 54 associations spread across 20 provinces in Indonesia. ASPPUK main activity is expanding women small and micro enterprises in business development and critical awareness through organizing, training, critical discussions, seminars, technical assistants, facilitating the development and quality of products and markets, etc. By this association, the Indonesia women can explore their talent and develop their ability to expand better life, not only for their selves but also for improvement of state enterprises


Gallery Asppuk is able to serve various kind of crafts that made of sewing and weaving process such as handbags, shirts, wallets, pouch, woven fabric, and many products with various types of shape which is very suited to complement the beauty or household supplies and certain places of yours. You also can orders your own size and designs.

Let’s support Indonesia women’ small businesses with buying their products

Jl. Waru, Pangkalan Jati V RT 003/RW 005 No.20
DKI Jakarta 13560 – Indonesia


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