Indonesia Bamboo Furniture Original from Lamongan Bamboo Craft Gallery, East Java

This gallery produces various kinds of household appliances and interior made from bamboo

Now on, there are many furniture stores from Indonesia because Indonesia itself has high quality of bamboo material. By working directly with furniture craftsmen, many manufacturer here that offer various kind of bamboo furniture products. One of those bamboo furniture industry in Indonesia, especially in East Java is located in Jl. Sunan Drajat 146, Lamongan, precisely in the Mantub Village. This gallery produces various kinds of household appliances and interior made from bamboo. Safe and convenient is the promise that being offered by this gallery to produce a qualified furniture for the customers. Craftsmen in this gallery are willing to make any custom made design from the customers and they able to fulfill the customers’ satisfaction, and the price is very reachable for the customers’ needs.

Moreover, this gallery has number one quality of bamboo wood, made by craftsmen with a pattern typical of Indonesia. Quality is first priority at Lamongan Bamboo Craft Gallery. From extra thick of bamboo construction to the precision-made brass fittings, they employ the best materials and manufacturing techniques available. This gallery supplies variety of bamboo furniture ranging from beds, chairs, tables, console, sofa, stool, cabinet, bedside, dining and others.  They work directly with the craftsmen and furniture from factory direct shipping to customers. So, visit Lamongan and order various kind of beautiful bamboo furniture.


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