Lani Lantera – Recycled Wood Handicraft and Art Decoration from Bandung, West Java

When making stuff out of wood, the industry usually leaves the unused portion. The unused portion is often discarded because they can’t be used again. Wood was able to directly fuse with nature, so no need to worry about contamination. But apparently there are advantage of this recycled wood. Recycled wood actually could be a variety of different interesting and useful items. One craft center of recycled wood processing is Lani Lantera. This gallery is famous as processing wood material dumped into useful items. Recycled wood is usually converted into a variety of household and office furniture.

There are variety recycled wood that used to be, such as manifold teak, ironwood, and kinaan wood. Most of this recycled woods are obtained from Jombang. The type most commonly used and popular is the ironwood. Ironwood is often derived from waste and scrap manufacture railway sleepers. When others ignore it, Lani Lantera is taking this waste material and processed into a fascinating material. Various wood crafts are produced from recycled wood, call it as cabinets, desks, shelves, chairs, wood lights, and other wood crafts. All wood crafts are produced in the processing of recycled wood and they’re not inferior to manufactured goods that made ​​of plastic or main timber.

Furniture and Wood Handicraft of Lani Lantera are not only interesting for domestic market, but also in demand by foreign consumers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australian particularly middle East countries (Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates). Let’s visit and contact Lani Lantera Gallery to know more collection of wood art and handicrafts.

Mr. Kuncono
Komplek Griya Bandung Asri I Blok E. No.120
Bojosoang – Bandung, West Java
Mobile: +62 813 2111 1136
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