AIKORI Bag – Brand of Fashion and Exotic Genuine Leather Bag Product from Semarang, Central Java

Aikori is a natural and genuine leather bag brand. Aikori always puts the quality of every product that this workshop make, from the leather until making process that is made a very neat finishing. All bag products of Aikori are from cow leathers with various models of bags that are simple yet enticing design. Aikori brand supplies various kind of leather […]

Chameo Couture was born to serve that needs. Every piece of Chameo bags is painstakingly designed, handwoven, and handcrafted in-house

Chameo Couture – Shop and Brand of Beautiful Woven Handbag Craft from Jakarta, Indonesia

Chameo Couture is a distinctive fashion brand integrating innovative design, artisan handwoven craftsmanship, and highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Almost all bags are made of natural material, starting from the plants that are already commonly used as crafts.  Woven bags here that designed by craftsmen of Chameo Couture […]

Lunar Mulia Kreasi – Bag Accessories and Home Furnishings Production from Sleman, Yogyakarta

Lunar Mulia Kreasi, located in the heart of Jogjakarta, Indonesia, offers a diverse collection of home accessories and home furnishings products. Within this range are tables, stools and benches, hand-carved sculptures, hand bags, tissue holders, trays, candle holders, and a broad collection of lighting products, including floor, table and wall lamps. Lunar’s innovative design skills […]

deFairies Bag – Original Handmade Bag and Clutch Products from Indonesia

  deFairies is a collection of uniquely designed fashion bags. This awesome handmade bag shop offers several models of bag, from handbags and clutch products over to the smaller hip bag. Craftsmen of deFairies make lovely bags from fine fabrics in beautiful patterns and bold color selections. Each product of deFairies is multi-function, made with passion and love. […]

This handmade bag shop offers several models of bag, from large or folded over to the smaller hip bag

Tata Abadi Bag’s Collection – Quality Handmade Bag Wholesaler and Manufacturer from Surabaya, East Java

This is one manufacturer of bag products that located in Surabaya, East Java. This handmade bag shop offers several models of bag, from large or folded over to the smaller hip bag. There are many uniquely handmade bags here, represent modern and chic lifestyle. This bag shop also present creative bags which has favored by […]