Get to know Gringsing Cloth, the Beauty of Ancient Balinese Culture

If in Flores there is ikat cloth, then in Bali there is the original Balinese Aga cultural heritage called Gringsing woven cloth. Gringsing cloth is one of the ancient Balinese cultural heritage that still survives today. The word gringsing consists of words gring which means ‘sick’ and sing which means ‘no’ so it can be […]

Getting to Know the Variety of Fabric Drawing Arts from Indonesia

Every 2nd in October, since 2009, Indonesia has commemorated it as National Batik Day. This commemoration was decided since Unesco declared batik as a Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Intangible Culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity). In various literature records, it is known that batik comes from two words in Javanese, […]

Getting to know Ulos, Songket and Sasirangan Fabrics

One of the most famous Indonesian charms abroad is wastra, or Indonesian authentic fabrics. The popularity and uniqueness of this Indonesian product has even been named UNESCO as world cultural heritage. Wastra is an Indonesian product that also an endless source of inspiration. The philosophical values embodied in each of its styles become the identity […]

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Various Moslem Cloth and Veil Collections in Pasuruan – East Java

Find wide choices of Moslem fashion in Merisa Collection. This shop offers you female Moslem t-shirt, dress, veil, hijab, pashmina, mukena, sandals and shoes with affordable prices and quality materials. All products made by skilled craftsmen with various colors and unique motifs. Merisa Collection also diligently to update the resulting variations in product shape, size, […]