R & B Handwriting Batik – Workshop of Handmade Batik Fabric with Ethnic Value from Kediri, East Java

Batik is one of Indonesia’s wealth. Various regions in Indonesia have distinctive and very famous batik, for example Yogjakarta, Solo, Pekalongan and Madura. Moreover, in tourist areas, a typical product (especially for batik product) will add to the city’s identity. In Kediri City, East Java, there are several manufacturers of batik and there are also […]

Batik collections of Wecono Asri are native of the Kingdom of Kediri, such as Gringsing Batik, Kawung Batik, and Parang Batik which the motifs are derived from Kediri.

Wecono Asri Batik – Beautiful Batik Collections with Unique Design, Original from Kediri

Located in Dandangan area, Kediri, Wecono Asri Batik gallery can be easily found with a small showroom that displays beautiful and unique batik original from Kediri. Around 2006, Mrs. Kasiana, the owner and founder of Wecono Asri Batik, began to recognize the current of Batik when she followed Batik training which organized by the Government […]