Global Leather – Center of Leather Craft and Handmade Product from Garut, West Java

Global Leather designs and manufactures leather accessories and products to fit your every need. There are many handicraft of leather products here, ranging from jackets, shoes, accessories, handbags, ladies wallets, badge wallets, smaller hip bag, and other items. With Global Leather products, craftsmen here want consumer to experience ease of wear, absolute comfort and support where it’s needed. From […]

Kias Leather – Classic and Natural Bags With Specialist In Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather from Yogyakarta

Kias Leather was established in 2008 with the rich culture in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. All bags here are mostly using vegetable tanned leather from Javanese cow-hide. Most of bags are handcrafted by our qualified human labor. Kias Leather is a passionate leather bags maker and this gallery always uses 100% genuine cow leather, mostly vegetable tanned leather. […]

Vanilla Leather – Original Handmade Craft of Leather Bag from Yogyakarta

Vanilla leather was established at May 2013 in Yogyakarta. Vanilla is brand of accessories product that made of leather with its main products are handbags for women. Vanilla leather brings best quality of handmade products, unique and characteristic that gives a touch of elegance and sexy for the women who use the handbag product. Vanilla leather also wants […]

ALRA Life Style – The Manufacturer of Craft Products from Bantul, Yogyakarta

ALRA Life Style is part of HARPA Group that run in manufacturing and exporting of Indonesia products. ALRA Life Style provides a wide range of needs, lifestyle, house hold product, and beautiful craft products in the form of handicraft, weaving, furniture and bags. Additionally, ALRA Life Style can also accept orders according to your needs […]

AS JAVA Genuine Leather – Boutique and Wholesaler of Beauty Handmade Bag from Yogyakarta

AS JAVA is a new face of AMIE Leather found in late 1976 By Mr Suryadi HS that first opened AS JAVA Leather boutique in July 2007. AS JAVA has meaning which “AS” stand for Amie and Shinta (the owner of this boutique) meanwhile JAVA is origin and design inspirations. This workshop supplies stocks range […]

“Samurai” – Workshop and Manufacturer of Trendy Leather Jacket from Sidoarjo, East Java

This is one of many workshops and manufacturers in Tanggulangin that producing trendy leather jacket and other leather products. Samurai workshop provides wide variety of leather products, ranging from jackets, bags, and belts for men that are made from original skin. Craftsmen of this workshop always produce leather jackets in various size and different models […]

“Ojo Dumeh” – Handicraft Center of Leather Jacket and Cloth from Sidoarjo, East Java

Leather craft center in East Java is located in Tanggulangin District, precisely on road of Raya Kludan. There are many industries of leather products, ranging from sandals, shoes, handbags, wallets, suitcases, jackets and other items. Leather craft has actually been established since 1939, when it was a few craftsmen in Tanggulangin started with the manufacture […]

Various Kind of Quality Handicrafts from Magetan, East Java

Hearing the word of “Magetan”, probably for most people will immediately think about Sarangan Lake, because Sarangan Lake is one of the tourist icons of Magetan that located at the foot of the Lawu Mountain. Not only that, Magetan also has other icons that are not less interesting to visit because location of Magetan is […]

Wong Bandung Gallery – Central of Innovation Leather Craft Products from Bandung, West Java

Wong Bandung Gallery is leather handicraft and furniture that located in Bandung City, West Java. This gallery sells many kind handicraft products made from traditional fabric and leather material both genuine leather and synthetic leather. Wong Bandung Gallery always develops unique leather products in the form of interior components and corporate gifts, such as; furniture, […]

SWD Leather – Beautiful Handmade Leather Products from Sidoarjo, East Java

The famous place of cheap and qualified leather bags in East Java is Tanggulangin district, Sidoarjo. Tanggulangin is one of the biggest bag manufacturers in Indonesia. Already for hundreds years, this handmade bags center has growing rapidly there. Maybe you do not believe that some bags and shoes products with branded quality in the world […]