Eling Galeri Hand Painting – Boutique of Moslem Fashion with Hand Painting Garment Product from Sidoarjo, East Java

Located at Delta Sari Indah Regency, Sidoarjo, Eling Galeri is one of boutiques that selling wide variety of purposes Moslem clothing. The specification of garment fashion in Eling Galeri is painting cloth. This workshop has a lot of unique and beautiful products because all Moslem cloth products are handmade painting. Eling Galeri has specialitation that put arts in […]

Almaira Guritno – Boutique of Moslem Fashion in Malang, East Java with Syar’i Style and Collection of Gamis Cloth

Trendy Fashion of syar’i and hijab style continues to grow rapidly in recent times. The new model is very fast launched by designers and boutiques, with the aim of providing an alternative date for the customer. Not least in Almaira Guritno Boutique, which has a collection of gamis cloth with a motif very crowded in the form of flowers […]

Geese Fashion – Surabaya Boutique of Syar’i Style and Fashion Special for Moslem Women in Indonesia

Geese Fashion is one of Moslem fashion boutique in Surabaya, East Java that providing Moslem cloth and hijab products with syar’i style. Geese Fashion has known very well by many moslem females that need to having beautiful scarf  and cloth for their fashion. This boutique offers you female Moslem dress, batik, veil, hijab, pashmina, mukena, accessories, and syar’i style cloth with […]

NUMA – Elegant and Stylish Handmade Mukena for Moslem Pray, from Indonesia

Find wide choices of Moslem fashion and mukena (female moslem wear for pray) in NUMA Collection. This shop offers you female Moslem cloth, hijab, pashmina, and mukena product with affordable prices and quality materials. Besides on that, NUMA has online shop which can supply its products wholesale or retail, and ready to send all products to whole […]

Lenibian Shop always preserves the best quality products of Batik and Moslem clothes which can be used in a variety of purposes and events.

Lenibian Shop – Collection of Batik Product and Moslem Fashion from Cirebon, West Java

Lenibian shop is one of Batik shop in Cirebon, West Java that provide Batik and hijab products. The shop has known very well by many moslem females that need to having beautiful scarf for their fashion. Lenibian supplies pashmina scarf, rectangular scarf, Batik Tulis (hand-writing), Batik Cap (stamp Batik) and many more products in variety colors and […]

Paras Ayu Jogja: Collection of Beautiful Batik and Maxi Dress for Moslem Style – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

There are many products of Moslem fashion and handbag collection in Paras Ayu Jogja. This collection offers you female Moslem cloth from batik dress, batik long shirt, and style maxi dress with affordable prices and quality materials. Besides on that, Paras Ayu Jogja also provides modern handbag with batik motif. Since its establishment until now, […]