Beautiful Woven Handicraft and Traditional Cloth from Skilled Craftsmen “Kumang Pegari” in West Kalimantan

Woven Craft (Weaving) has a meaning, historical value, and high techniques of its colors, patterns, and type of material. Here is the weaving gallery from West Kalimantan. There are many handicraft products made from ikat fabric with weaving process. Dewan Kerajinan Nasional Daerah (Dekranasda) in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan, presents various kind of weaving crafts created by craftsmen from West Kalimantan with […]

Various Kinds of Beautiful and Ethnic Handicrafts from Blitar, East Java

There are many beautiful craft manufacturers in Blitar such as handbag craft, batik craft, traditional fabric craft, wooden handicraft, bamboo and rattan woven handicraft, traditional music instrument craft, and other craft products. Model of handbag craft are made from pieces of coconut shell that formed small circles as needed with a special tool, then the […]

All the products here are handmade Batik with variety motifs and colors with color batik cloth both sides are equal and more shine

Alima Batik – The Boutique of Variety Batik Motifs and Indonesia Traditional Fabrics – Bandung, West Java

Alima Batik is batik shop and online store in Bandung – East Java that provides a wide range of collection products from handwriting, stamp and printing batik in the form cloth and fabric. In addition to batik product, this shop also provides Sasirangan Kalimantan fabric and other traditional fabrics of cultural heritage ranging from songket, […]

The products of this workshop are created by skilled craftsmen from Bluto area, Sumenep. All the products here are handmade Batik with variety motifs and colors specialty Madura

Melati Handwriting Batik – One of Batik Center in Sumenep, Madura: Establishment since the Dutch Colonial Era until Now

Batik centers in the village of West Pakandangan, Bluto, Sumenep, Madura has existed since the Dutch colonial era and the Kingdom of Sumenep was still standing. Until now the center of batik in Sumenep is still survive. While maintaining the tradition of batik, they continue to follow developments in batik motifs and designs. West Pakandangan […]

Batik collections of Wecono Asri are native of the Kingdom of Kediri, such as Gringsing Batik, Kawung Batik, and Parang Batik which the motifs are derived from Kediri.

Wecono Asri Batik – Beautiful Batik Collections with Unique Design, Original from Kediri

Located in Dandangan area, Kediri, Wecono Asri Batik gallery can be easily found with a small showroom that displays beautiful and unique batik original from Kediri. Around 2006, Mrs. Kasiana, the owner and founder of Wecono Asri Batik, began to recognize the current of Batik when she followed Batik training which organized by the Government […]

Kamagi Magaya's bag collections are combined with premium cow leather and precious gemstone

Kamagi Magaya Gallery – Handicraft of Leather Bags and Jewelries Original from Indonesia

  Kamagi is actually the name of the traditional necklace worn by the Pamonians from Poso, Central Sulawesi, while Magaya is a Pamonian word that means “beautiful”. As the founder and owner of Kamagi Magaya Gallery, Mrs. Diana Penyami find her passion not only in jewelry, but also in ethnic fabric and how to preserve it […]