AIKORI Bag – Brand of Fashion and Exotic Genuine Leather Bag Product from Semarang, Central Java

Aikori is a natural and genuine leather bag brand. Aikori always puts the quality of every product that this workshop make, from the leather until making process that is made a very neat finishing. All bag products of Aikori are from cow leathers with various models of bags that are simple yet enticing design. Aikori brand supplies various kind of leather […]

Marici & Milli Collection – Handmade Fashion Accessories and Jewelries with Elegance and Beauty Design from Indonesia

MARICI comes from Sanskrit’s word which means “Ray of Light”. Marici & Milli Collection is going to bring Indonesian Heritage to the world through ethnic, modern, and sophisticated fashion accessories products. Indonesian Batik, Songket, Tenun enriched with precious stones, pearls, beads, woods, metals are Marici’s product signature. Then, Marici`s logo is designed to represent mission of […]

Anakami – Beautiful Creation of Embroidery Bag and Pouch from Depok, West Java

Anakami is an embroidery and knitting workshop in Depok city. This place is the center of embroidery and knitting, sewing and crafts. This place sells and accepts orders of various kind of bags, pouches, phone cases, women accessories, hair accessories, and souvenirs. All those products are made from various kind of fabrics with various sizes. The gallery also […]

All handmade collections in this gallery are made from good quality handmade by skilled craftsman

Bryo Collection Handmade – Embroidery and Crochet Accessories Craft from Sidoarjo, East Java

Bryo Collection presents handmade products in the form of beautiful women accessories like hairband, hair clip, embroidery brooch, unique hairband, and other accessories that made of flannel and knitted creation. Besides on that, this handicraft shop also supplies the beautiful and unique handmade products, including purse, pouch, unique tissue box and table cloth that made from […]

Find wide choices of women accessories in Elok Collection

Various Kind of Women Accessories in Elok Collection

Find wide choices of women accessories in Elok Collection. Wordplay of “Elok” in Indonesia has meaning beautiful and that’s true if collections in this shop make women look more beautiful and elegant with its accessories. This shop offers you various kind of hair accessories and jewelry accessories for women, such as unique hairband with ribbon, ring […]