Unique and Useful Cobek Handicraft from Lamongan, East Java

Cobek (kind of mortar) is a tool that has been used since ancient times to grind, pulverize, and mix certain ingredients (such as herbs, spices, or drugs). Cobek is a simple tool that has long been used as a tool in cooking process and until now it will still be needed in every household. Cobek is usually made from hard materials, such as hardwood, stone, ceramic, or metal. There is cobek handicraft in Lamongan that made from clay.

Located in the Gampang Sejati, cobek craft manufacture is very rapid because the material for this mortar is easily obtained from this area which the clay for its material is taken from fields in Lamongan and mixed with sand from Bengawan Solo River. Although cobek craft in Lamongan is not made of stone, but the quality and strength of the resulting cobek product is same with stone material and not inferior to the other main materials of this craft. The clay that used in this cobek manufacturing process has good quality and natural. This cobek handicraft is not only in selling to Lamongan and outer towns like Surabaya, Malang Jakarta, and others area, this product is exported to several countries.

Want to have this cobek for your kitchen? Let’s visit Lamongan and visit pottery craft center in Gampang Sejati Village, Laren District

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