Various Kind of Snacks and Traditional Food Products from Agribusiness Union in East Java

Welcome to the snacks and traditional food shop in East Java Agribusiness Union . You’ve come to the right place for delicious and nutritious snacks, chips, and traditional cakes. This union supplies various kind of homemade chips with selected main food material, such as; cassava, bananas, apple, potatoes, corns, and some vegetables to proceed into chips and crackers. Besides on that, this shop provides traditional food and delicious cakes original from Indonesia.  There are many local snack and food products that suitable for souvenir.

Koperasi Agro Sukses Makmur, name of agribusiness union in East Java is the center of agricultural products that processed into delicious and healthy food. You do not need go around to buy some snack products original from East Java when you have visited this union. Koperasi Agro Sukses Makmur offers variety of snack and food that processed of finest agricultural product belong to East Java with good taste but at affordable price. So, visit East Java with those beautiful and natural scenery of tea garden and come to Koperasi Agro Sukses Makmur.

Agribusiness Union: Koperasi Agro Sukses Makmur
Jl. Ketintang Madya No. 100, Surabaya – East Java
Phone: +62-31-8295988


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