Elegant Batik is one of Batik Center in Indonesia

Elegant Batik – Handwriting Batik From Surabaya, East Java

This is the house of Elegant Batik which has many kind of Batik motives and designs from Indonesia particular area. Elegant Batik shop has exported its products through many countries in the world. This shop has maintain its products quality so that the shop has trusted by many importers. Elegant Batik offers the handmade Batik […]

handwoven Flores batik, NTT batik, batik fabric

Fani Art Shop – handwoven Batik fabric of Flores, NTT

Fani Art Shop is originated from Flores, NTT. As one of well-known traditional batik fabrics in Indonesia, Flores’ Batik has its special ethnic motif and color. It is fully handwoven and taking several months to make each fabric batik. The color of the batik are made of natural sources such as leaves, woods and etc. […]

dried flowers handycraft, beads jewelry

Indah Asri – Dried Flower Crafts

Indah Asri has speciality in creating beautiful flower crafts with dried flowers and leaves. From the dried material, it is recolored and reshaped into new form of flower as home decorations. Besides, they also creates jewelry from beads or nature beads. Some of the bead materials are from wood beads or seeds. To see their […]

shellcraft products

Central Kerajinan – Shellcraft Products

Central Kerajinan is a sea-shell handicrafts manufacturer. They made various products using sea-shell, such as plates, glass, and many fancy containers. Sea-shell has beautiful natural color from its own original shell. It has gradation color that makes it more beautiful. The main color is dark and light which are good if they are combined in […]

Konstinopel – Nature Fiber Shoes from West Java

Konstinopel creates shoes from nature fiber. Using several kind of fiber such as Ramie fiber (Boehmeria Nivea), Pina Fiber (Pineapple), Abaca Fiber (Banana leaf), Cocofiber (Coconut), etc, Mr Yasin (the owner) produces adult and kids shoes in modern style. He uses water repellent substance to make sure the shoes are waterproof and antibacterial substance to […]

Kerta Djagat – Batik from Bandung, West Java

Kerta Djagat is batik fabric from Bandung, West Java. It was established on August 2015 by Mr Yadi Rusdiana, S.Pd under YBJB (Yayasan batik Jawa Barat). One of their signature design is Wayang Mountain, taken from one of Bandung’s mountains in Kertasari. The batik design lays on the view of mountain and water within Indonesia’s […]

Batik Bogor Tradisiku

Batik Bogor Tradisiku is a Bogor batik pioneer which was established in January 13th 2008. To show his love to Bogor, the owner (Mr Siswaya) was inspired to preserve Bogor cultural heritage and create jobs for the society. The products are variant, such as clothing, sleepers, helmet, tea set, and other ethnic products. Moreover, he […]