Banten Handicrafts That You Must Know!

Besides famous for its tourist destinations, Banten is also famous for some of its handicrafts. These handicrafts are made directly by the native people of Banten and have their own beauty and characteristics. In fact, some of these typical handicrafts also contain mystical values. What are the typical Banten handicrafts?

pottery craft

The first typical Banten handicraft is Bumi Jaya pottery. This handicraft, which is one of the icons of Banten, has existed since ancient times, and still continues to exist from time to time. These pottery craftsmen come from Bumi Jaya Village, which is well known as the village of pottery craftsmen in Banten. Because it comes from Bumi Jaya Village, it is not surprising that this pottery named Bumi Jaya Pottery.

The main characteristic of this handicraft is its shape which resembles classic era pottery and known as strong pottery. The reason that makes this pottery strong is the basic material which made of good quality clay.

Bumi Jaya pottery products are barrels, stoves, flower pots, jugs, and so on. All of these pottery products are not only sold in Banten and other areas outside Banten, but are also sold overseas.

pottery crafts

Not only in Bumi Jaya Pottery, Banten also has another type of pottery that should be known. It is Bandalu pottery made by Bandalu Village local people. This pottery is quite famous among tourists, especially tourists who often visit Anyer Beach. That’s because this pottery often sold around the tourist area.

Besides shaped and used as kitchen tool, Bandulu pottery also has high artistic value. So do not surprised if this pottery also often used as souvenir as well as display for tourists. If you visit this pottery-producing village, then you can see the process of making pottery, from the clay which is the basic material, until this pottery is ready to be sold to the market.

Golok Ciomas is a traditional Banten weapon used by the Jawara in Banten city. This machete was made by local people who live in Sibopong Village, Citaman Village, Ciomas District, Banten.

This machete is so famous that there are some people who make imitations of this machete. If you want to buy the original Ciomas Golok, it is advisable to come directly to Sibopong Village. According to the myth circulating, this machete has a number of mystical values ​. As for one of them is the ability of this machete in conquering the enemy without remove this machete from its sheath.


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