Batik Bogor Tradisiku – Beautiful and Ethnic Craft with Batik Taste from Bogor, West Java

Batik Bogor Tradisiku is a Bogor batik pioneer which was established in January 13th 2008. Showing the love to Bogor, the owner (Mr Siswaya) was inspired to preserve Bogor cultural heritage and create jobs for the society. The products are variant, ranging from table cloth, vase, jar, clothing, sleepers, helmet, tea set, and other ethnic products. All products here are using batik motif and Bogor cultural heritage.

Moreover, he provides courses to those who want to learn about hand-painting and handicrafts. It focuses on training and education about batik culture and values, its history and economics. Indonesian batik has thousands of variety and well known worldwide. So let’s feel the uncommon taste of Indonesia batik by buying and collecting batik craft from Batik Bogor Tradisiku

Jl Jalak no 2, Tanah Sareal, Bogor City – West Java
Phone: +62 251 8374616


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