Solid Wood Furniture, Quality Indoor & Outdoor Teak Wood Exporter

Kusuma Furniture, is a Furniture Company which produces indoor and outdoor teak furniture.  Was established in 2001. Kusuma Furniture is the one of the best outdoor and indoor teak furniture companies in Indonesia. The factory is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. In discussion of export value, they sale the teak furniture products worldwide by […]

Beragam Program di Hari terakhir INDEX MOZAIK Indonesia 2017

Menumbuhkan minat bagi masyarakat untuk mencintai produk-produk desain interior dalam negeri yang memiliki nilai seni tinggi agar mampu menjadi tuan rumah di negeri sendiri Jakarta, 8 Oktober 2017 – Pada gelaran hari terakhir, pameran INDEX MOZAIK Indonesia 2017 diisi dengan agenda promo dan diskon dari para peserta. Program diskon dan promo dimanfaatkan oleh para pengunjung […]

Index Mozaik: Tren Industri Desain Interior dan Peralatan Rumah Tangga

INDEX MOZAIK Indonesia 2017 membuka wawasan dan kesadaran publik terhadap pentingnya desain dalam setiap aspek kehidupan manusia Jakarta, 7 Oktober 2017 – Suasana hari ke-3 pameran INDEX MOZAIK Indonesia 2017 yang digelar oleh Nine Events, Tarsus Group Plc, dan DMG Events pada tanggal 5-8 Oktober 2017 di Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) semakin dipadati pengunjung. Sejumlah […]

Dukungan Besar Asosiasi Terhadap Pameran INDEX MOZAIK Indonesia 2017

Jakarta, 6 Oktober 2017 – Pada hari kedua pameran INDEX MOZAIK Indonesia 2017 yang ditargetkan sebagai pameran terdepan bagi industri hotel, restoran dan kafe (Horeka) dan desain terus menarik perhatian dan kunjungan dari para pelaku bisnis. Pameran yang diselenggarakan oleh Nine Events, Tarsus Group Plc, DMG Events ini telah dibuka secara resmi kemarin (5/8) dan […]

INDEX MOZAIK: Discover Premium Exhibitors

PRECIOSA LIGHTING International Exhibitor PRECIOSA LIGHTING has been raising some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world and shaping the future of glass art since 1724. Today, Preciosa continues to redefine the possibilities of this fascinating material as it develops innovative and progressive solutions for luxury interiors on a global scale. Over 600 devoted employees […]

INDEX MOZAIK: The 10 Dedicated Industry Events

INDUSTRY INSIGHT JAKARTA’S PROPERTY MARKET Apartment Sector Jakarta’s apartment units are increasing, which indicates the potency for fit-out and refurbishment projects in the property market. 59,017 apartment units were under construction during Q1 2017, of which 21,167 units are expected to reach completion before the end of 2017. The growth will also continue by 28,303 units […]

Nusantara Jati – Outdoor Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Exporter

  As one kind of Teak outdoor furniture manufacturer is kind of outdoor furniture that is most in demand, both in the local and international markets, because this furniture has high stability and decorative value. Some teak manufactures even accept teak garden furniture custom design. As the name suggests, the raw material for teak furniture is […]

The products of Duplicate Antique include: Wardrobe, beds, tables, chairs, kitchen sets, guests, office sets and assorted furniture according to your wishes

Duplicate Antique – Unique Furniture and Handicraft Products from Probolinggo, East Java

Duplicate Antique is Indonesia wooden furniture manufacturer and wholesale of quality handmade furniture with many kind of teak furniture both indoor and outdoor. The basic materials are sturdy and durable teak wood and mahogany wooden furniture. They will always be ready to provide and create a good quality furniture and handicraft that you want. Furniture […]

All products of Akar Jaya is not only perfect for living room decoration, but also perfect for a lounge area in the balcony or a lovely corner in the garden

Akar Jaya Workshop – Handicraft of Waste Wood with Touch Unique Creation Original from Madiun

Akar Jaya is a workshop that produce and process the waste wood into table, living room set, chairs, shelves and variety beautiful furniture products. All products of Akar Jaya is not only perfect for living room decoration, but also perfect for a lounge area in the balcony or a lovely corner in the garden. This […]

About Indonesia Furniture

Wood has played an essential part in human existence for thousands of years. It is surely the most versatile natural decorating material you could ever hope to find. Indonesia, provide you only the high quality of wooden furniture products. In taking advantage of nature while preserving its values, Indonesia become closer to understanding the beauty […]