Characteristics Of Clay For Craft Materials

Clay is soil that formed due to the weathering process of the earth’s crust and composed of feldspathic rocks. In this case, feldspathic rocks are rocks consisting of granite and igneous rocks. Part of the rock is formed from various elements such as silicon, oxygen and aluminum. Furthermore, the thermal activity of the earth makes the earth’s crust weathered by carbonic acid so that in the end the rock is shaped like clay.

Clay is a material that usually used to make bricks as building material until it is used for pottery. For example, to make jars, plates, pottery, statues, and so on. This clay is different from the soil in general. Therefore, this clay can also used as crafts material. Even in Indonesia itself, the existence of clay is not difficult to find. So that you can see, there are lots of people who sell bricks, ceramics, and tiles in various regions.

Characteristics of Clay
There are several characteristics possessed by clay that make it different from other types of soil. Here are some characteristics of clay that you need to know.

Has a Sticky Nature
This is the main characteristic of clay, have sticky texture. You can touch it when the clay is wet, so that’s when the clay can be molded more easily. But when the clay dries, it will form a lump. This can happen because of the clay minerals in the clay.

Difficult To Absorb Water
The second characteristic of clay is difficult to absorb water. So it is not surprising that this clay used as raw material for making tiles and bricks. And what certain is that clay is not recommended as planting medium, because it will block the process of water goes to the soil to be absorbed by plants.

Can Turn Into Fine Granules
As you know before, clay has clumping and hardening property when dry. Well, the grains of clay will break if they do not merge with each other in their original form. The grains resemble gravel and sand that you can see around the clay as it dries.

Generally, clay has a color that is neither too dark nor too light. The clay itself is more of grayish black color. But in some types of clay have reddish yellow. Where most will be used by craftsmen.


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