Aesthetic and Functional Crafts from Coconut Coir

As is known, that coir is kind of waste from coconuts, which are usually thrown away because they are no longer used. However, coconut coir is not a waste, if it is in the creative people hands. It is because some of these handicrafts from coconut coir can be made into very aesthetic and functional items. What kind of crafts that use this coconut fiber?

The first craft from coconut coir is hemp rope. This coconut coir craft has also become one of the most sought after crafts, because it is in trend. The vintage craft trend does have its own beauty, because it can give natural impression. So, many people make vintage crafts for sale or make them for their own use. One of the equipment you can use to make vintage crafts is this hemp rope. You can use hemp rope to tie gifts, a place to hang photos, accessories, DIY projects, to other creative materials.

The next craft from coconut coir, and is being sought after is coconut coir mat. Coconut coir mats also have various models and sizes. In fact, the bigger the mat, the higher its difficulty level and of course more expensive. In order to give aesthetic impression, some hotels and restaurants also use coconut coir mats instead of rubber mats. Coconut coir mats are also considered more durable and long lasting.

Still survive in the millennial era, this coconut coir craft does have vintage impression but is very functional. Yes, a broom made of coconut coir still doesn’t want to be outdone by today’s modern brooms. Most people still use coconut coir brooms, arguing that dirt is easier to clean, cheaper, durable, and more environmentally friendly. The reason is, now most modern brooms are made of synthetic plastic material, which is not durable. Besides being more expensive, plastic brooms are also not environmentally friendly. If you buy it directly at the craftsman’s workshop, you will most likely get cheaper price, than already in the store.

For those of you who like farming, and like plants, it looks like you must have one of this craft that made of coconut coir. Yes, plant pots from coconut coir. In addition to being a pot, coconut coir can also used as plant medium, so there is no need to add more soil, or you can use cocofiber. Plants that usually use potted plants from coconut coir are orchids. In addition, pots that have colors and materials that blend with nature, make them look more beautiful, and natural.

Do you like decorating homes, birthdays, or weddings with rustic and vintage themes? It seems, decoration rings craft made of coconut coir must be owned. In addition to adding the aesthetic impression, decoration rings can also combined with other decorations. For example, adding dried flowers, initials of names, and so on. Ring decorations can also used for gift containers, wedding jewelry containers, to the length of the front door. The price is also quite affordable, compared to decoration rings that made of rattan roots. So, in addition to being beautiful, various decorative crafts from coconut fiber are cheap.


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