Antique Natural Wood – Workshop of Quality Wooden Miniature Craft Original from Tasikmalaya, West Java

Antique Natural Wood is producer of natural wood that create unique and handmade craft pieces products. Antique Natural Wood as the natural wood workshop is located in Tasikmalaya, West Java. This workshop presents various kind of special miniature with many variation forms and designs such as animals, people, till superhero figures like batman, captain america, iron man, and many more. All products are handmade using natural materials and wood with good quality, so that all products are very unique, beautiful, and useful. All handicraft and miniature wooden craft with unique and ethnic value are very suitable for your home decoration and souvenir.

Besides on that, there are various kinds of beautiful and durable stone craft products that made from onyx stone or marble products. This kind of stone usually used for craft and interior need. There are many natural stone collector like to have those stone products for their home decoration. This workshop also create and carve it into unique and wonderful marble products, such as; miniature in animal form, vases, decoration lamp, handicraft and many more. With motto “Antique Always Take of Quality”, Antique Natural Wood also provides wooden tissue box, placemat for Al-quran, and woven craft with unique design and best quality.



Kp. Sukamanah RT 02/ RW 04, Tanjungmekar Village

Jamanis District – Tasikmalaya, West Java

Mobile: +62 813 2124 1184


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