Asta Auliya Handicraft – Center of Mask Handicraft and Cultural Products from Yogyakarta

Besides batik, Yogyakarta also has center of mask craft. Bobung Tourism Village is located in Patuk District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The residents of this tourist village are mostly work as craftsmen mask. No kidding, wooden mask craft in Bobung is worldwide and famous to the other countries. To make the mask, the raw material used comes from tree trunk or tree of Albassia Puley, then the stem is cut and polished to be formed in order to look attractive. Interestingly, the villagers Bobung expertise in making the mask is already hereditary. Besides on that, all mask products here are made with love and combined with unique and ethnic value. Asta Auliya Handicraft is a work of art created by the hand of craftsmanship and combined with heterogeneous Indonesian culture and rich aesthetic material.

Asta Auliya Handicraft is also specialist in miniatures handicraft as well as sterling jewelry and metal craft. Here you can find many kinds of miniature souvenirs. Their collections are vary, starting from miniatures of animals, pedicabs, bicycles, etc. with specifications of each product are available. Asta Auliya Handicraft also receives orders of assorted wood crafts, batik craft, mask, lorobonyo, traditional games, and other handicraft products for your souvenir. You can contact this gallery or come directly to gallery. All products here are at very reasonable price both in wholesale and retail.

Bobung Tourist Village RT/RW 06/02, Putat
Patuk, Gk Yogyakarta
Mobile: +62 873 9351 9300


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