Briliant Mega Mendung – Beautiful Glass and Cutlery with Batik Motif from Semarang, Central Java

Briliant Mega Mendung sells various handicraft products use glass material. This shop supplies various kind of glass, plate, bowl, and tea set products for your cutlery and purpose household appliance. This shop has hundreds designs for product that made from glass with model typical of Indonesia culture and motto. Briliant Mega Mendung that placed in Semarang has products made one by one in handmade. Each glass is painted by hand made, so that each product is unique. There are various types of products available for glass painting, from a shot glass, until footed glass.

Some of products well-made stuffs here is like cutlery and tea set within batik and floral motif on the surfaces. Various kind of can products are sold on the market in Semarang area even to the outer area. Cutlery product of Briliant Mega Mendung is not only suitable for household appliance, but also as collection of antique glass cupboard, wedding gift, or for birthday gift. All products of this shop can be sold in a number of units or in large quantities. Design motifs and colors can be customized and logo can be added on demand. Cutlery and tea set craft products selling could be in retail and wholesale, national and export.

PT Golden Manyaran
Jl Tapak no 100 Tugurejo, Semarang, Indonesia
Phone: +62 24 8663555


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