De Glace – The Art of Glass for Accessories and Home Ornament, from Surabaya – East Java

White sparkling of glass ornament creations in De Glace look like crystal and so beautiful, no wonder the eye can be widened in awe when you see it. Its unique method for making glass craft is done manually without mold tools. With special expertise in the craft of making souvenirs and sufficient capital, craftsmen of De Glace make hundred designs for glass accessories. Many motifs of glass crafts are created by De Glace from the shape of animals, plants, up to ship and various kind of building miniature. The products of this workshop are unique and suitable for your accessories collection in your home. Glass ornament product of De Glace is not only suitable for home interior decoration, but also as collection of antique glass accessories, wedding gift, or for birthday gift. The products selling could be in retail and wholesale, national or export. This workshop is also ready to produce custom demand in any numbers. Design your own custom made and contact De Glace;

Super mall Pakuwon Indah First Floor.
Jl Puncak Indah Lontar Surabaya – East Java
Phone: +62 31 725 64089


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