Minimax Gallery – Ethnic Clog Sandals and Unique Bag Handicraft Original from Tangerang, Banten

Minimax Gallery offers a selection of clogs sandals that are made ​​of wood by craftsmen Tasikmalaya. But more than that, the couple owner of Minimax Gallery, Fahmi and Renny, also sells handbags. Not just any bag, the product of Minimax Gallery has unique season that is the model looks like a bag taped over heels and the bag is called with “Angel Bag”. The “Angel Bag” comes in different form. There is a wild performed with zebra patterned fleece material, tigers and leopards. For a more modern look, there is also available Angel vinyl bag decorated with studs.

Do not miss the traditional style with a blend of leather and songket or batik fabric. Uniquely, each bag has a pair clogs sandals the newfangled same. Bags of Minimax Gallery is a multi functional bag. In addition to fashion, this bag can also be for at pickpocket because the “high heel” of bag is made of mahogany that has strong texture.

For the selection of clogs sandals, Minimax Gallery offers a double right which serves the circulation of blood. Sandals clogs here generally comes in three choices of materials such as teak, mahogany and pine. Clogs sandals or mahogany sandals product is the original craft work of the nation Indonesia with various forms model and technique of engraving, airbrush, canting, etc.

Let’s visit to “Minimax Gallery” in Tangerang and grab all unique products of this gallery

Mr. Fahmi and Mrs.Renny
Komp Taman Pinang Indah blok D no 10
Cipondoh, Tangerang – Banten
Mobile: +62 812 8723 9884


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