Oje Parcelbox – Gallery of Cutlery Craft Made From Wood Material with Elegant Design, from Central Java

Oje Parcelbox is the wooden craft gallery in Central Java. This gallery offers you variety of wooden craft products that you can use it as a gift or souvenirs, such as unique cutlery, cooking ware, and picture frame that made of wood creation. Oje Parcelbox is also manufacturer of natural wood that create unique home decoration wood carving and handmade craft pieces products. Teak wood carving craft in this gallery is truly unique because it is made by imagination and no pattern, even actually there are not products that have exactly the same size.

All products are handmade using natural materials and wood with good quality, so that all products are very unique, beautiful, and useful. Besides on that, Oje Parcelbox sells wooden box and wooden tray with ethnic motif. Each product of Oje Parcelbox has made one by one in handmade and every process requires precision and caution so as not to distort the shape that has been made. You can buy this wooden crafts here in retail and wholesale with affordable price. If you like cooking and love cutlery product made of wooden craft, please contact Oje Parcelbox:

Phone: (+62) 271 8090 089
Email: oje_parcelbox@yahoo.com


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