PORI KERAMIK – The True Charm of Ceramic Handicraft from Bandung, West Java

Clay craft is not only in the form of a vase or jug, but it can also be turned into a display of cool that makes the house look more sophisticated. Pori Keramik is clay handicraft brand that focuses on creating good-looking earthenware. “Pori” is Bahasa Indonesia that has wordplay for pores in English and the name is representative of the porous and natural looking clay products made by Pori Keramik. The clay products in Pori Keramik are made offer unique characteristics and irreplaceable details. Located in Bandung, the workshop of Pori Keramik supplies various handicraft products use ceramic material. Ceramic handicraft product has converted into a very beautiful and unique handmade with various motifs and colors.

The charm of beautiful product in Pori Keramik is the intricate details produced by the combined work of nature and skill of craftsmen. Various art products in the form of accessories and ceramic tableware such as animal miniature, set of teapots, mugs, cup saucer, and other ceramic accessories for interior décor can make your home look more beautiful with ceramic decoration. Not only for domestic market, demanding of this craft also come from other countries. Each product has made one by one and every process requires precision and caution so as not to distort the shape that has been made with various forms of miniature. The products selling could be in retail and wholesale, national or export. Design your own custom and contact this workshop;

Mr. Fauzi Andhika
Mobile: +62 812 202 6726
Email: porikeramik@gmail.com
Instagram: @porikeramik


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